5Essedntials Survey

Parents, it is that time of year again for the 5Essedntials survey. If you could please take a moment and fill out the survey at the link below that would be great. This should take no more than 5 minutes of your time. Also, remember when taking the survey it is school-specific. So if you have a student at both buildings we ask that you take the survey twice, once for each. Thank you.


Loss of District Technology

Dear Parents/Guardians,

If at any time your student loses any of the District’s technology there is a cost associated with that. The Chromebook insurance only covers malfunctions, normal wear and tear, and accidental damage, NOT loss of the equipment or damage to cords. Listed below is the associated costs of loss of equipment or damage to the cords.

If any of this equipment needs to be replaced the District needs to be notified immediately and a replacement will not be given until the replacement costs are paid.

  • Chromebook $250
  • Chromebook Charger $30
  • Hotspot $200
  • Hotspot Charger $15
Welcome to Sunnybrook SD 171

Mission Statement Maximize student achievement by cultivating: critical thinking skills, innovative instructional practices and a collaborative school, home, and community partnership.

  1. The self-worth of each child is nurtured within a diverse and inclusive environment
  2. Students are engaged in a rigorous, culturally relevant and innovative learning experience
  3. Educators apply result-driven instructional practices
  4. Teachers and staff are engaged in continuous professional development
  5. Parents, students, staff and community collaborate