Specials Team
Mrs. Cambric - HMS/NHS Media Specialist
Mrs. Cleary-5th Grade Art
Mrs. Dulla-Team Lead, 6th, 7th, 8th grade P.E.
Mr. Gallai-Band and Music
Mr. Keith- 6th, 7th, 8th P.E.
Mrs. Mastny-7th grade Spanish
Ms. Peel - Chorus, 6th, 7th, 8th Music
Ms. Sandack - 6th, 7th, 8th Art
Mrs. Schweitzer - Communications, 6th and 8th
Mr. Seymour - 6th, 7th, 8th P.E.
Mr. Torres - 8th grade Spanish
Ms. Washington - AVID, Gifted, STEM Coordinator
Beverly Schweitzer
Communications: Grades 6 and 8

    I have an English Teaching degree and a Masters degree in Curriculum from Purdue University. I have taught Middle School students for the past thirty years.  At Heritage, I have taught reading and language arts, as well as, worked as the Reading Specialist. 

    I am excited to teach Communications this school year to help sixth grade students understand how to be safe and responsible while using technology. In this twelve week course, sixth grade students will discover how to safely converse online, how to use secure passwords and distinguish between safe and unsafe information to share online, and how to recognize cyberbullying and its effects.

    Another goal is to work with eighth grade students to learn public speaking, the proper way to construct a speech, and correct method to cite their sources. Eighth grade students will also complete a twelve week course, where they will learn about respecting creative work.  They will be taught how to distinguish between types of search sites, how to find credible sources online and about research and evaluation of websites.

Please contact me with any questions:  bschweitzer@sd171.org 
                                                                (708)895-0790 ext 2235

Learning Objectives for September 18 - 22

6th Grade Objectives:
  •  Imagine the motivations, feelings, and intentions of others as they relate to online exchanges.
  •  Debate the level of harm involved in online exchanges.
  •  Propose constructive solutions to online personal dilemmas.

8th GradeObjectives:
  •  Understand the differences between search engines,  directories, and meta-search engines.
  •  Evaluate different types of search sites by investigating the features of one and then comparing and contrasting it with others.
  •  Discover that trying out more than one search site can be the most effective way to search.