5th Grade Team

Mrs. Shackleton - ELA/R
Ms. Hansel - ELA/W
Mr. Brown - Math
Mr. Crary - Social Studies
Ms. Hawkins - Science
Mrs. Chiaramonte - Learning Counselor
Mrs. Shackleton's Classroom Page
Phone Ext. 2238

About Mrs. Shackleton:
My name is Nicole Shackleton and I am the Fifth Grade Reading Teacher. This will be my 13th year teaching fifth grade at Heritage Middle School. I am married and have two children, Austin, 5th grade, and Aiden, 3rd grade. I am really excited to spend the year with your child. 

About This Class:
This year we will be learning about a variety of genres, reading skills, and incorporate more nonfiction literature. It is extremely important that your child is reading every night. The students will be given a reading log every Friday. The reading log needs to be completed and turned in to me by the following Friday. Most of the year, the reading log will be the only homework that I assign. This is very important because the students will be taking part in the Accelerated Reading Program. The AR program will allow students to read books at their individual level. After your child is done reading the book, he/she will take a test on the computer. These tests will be 20% of their Reading grade. All students are required to accumulate 10 points each quarter. Each AR book is assigned a point value. If you would like to look up the level and point value of a book, go to www.arbookfind.com

If you have any questions, please let me know! Let's have a great Fifth Grade Year!

Each quarter your child needs to accumulate 10 AR points. We go to the school library every other Tuesday to check out or renew books. Please make sure your child is reading daily!

2nd Quarter 10 AR points are due by Friday, January 19, 2018.

Class Resources:

Mrs. Shackleton's Reading Assignments