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Ms. Phillips-ELA/Writing

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Mrs. Wiese - Social Studies
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English Language Arts - Reading
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- “There’s no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.”  -- Zig Ziglar

About Me
I grew up on the South-side of Chicago, where I attended Fenger High School.  I was very active in high school with activities that included: Speech Team, Afro Club, Student Council Treasurer, Principal's Scholar, and Poms (yes, Poms)!  After high school, I attended Roosevelt University where I earned both my bachelor and master degrees in business, as well as my doctorate in education. Armed with this education, I taught and managed degree programs at private and for-profit colleges for a number of years. After seeing how many of my students were not academically prepared for college, I decided to devote my career to teaching secondary/middle school students. This is now my 5th year teaching ELA-Reading at Heritage Middle School, and I love it!  

My teaching philosophy is to promote a positive learning environment that allows students to critically think and successfully collaborate with others. Because I love technology, I started the Multimedia Club (four years ago) where I teach students video production after school. Our club has produced over 25 videos and two documentaries which may be viewed on our school district's YouTube channel. Also, four years ago I implemented our Black History Month Evening Program here at Heritage. Over 50 students each year participate in this celebration of culture through song, poetry, technology, drama, writing, music, speech, art, and dance. Finally, I am a Saturday School teacher and assist in planning HMS's Family Literacy Night.

About this class 
This year's English Language Arts class will be a co-taught class where students will receive combined instruction in reading and writing.  This instructional format will allow students to actually write about what they read.  They can write essays or short responses that compare and contrast one text with another, or the opinion of one author or topic with that of another. I will be teaching the reading portion of this class, while Ms. Phillips will be teaching the writing portion.  We are both certified English Language Arts teachers, so students will have double the help! 

Guided by the Common Core State Standards, the reading portion of this co-taught English Language Arts class will focus on the critical analysis of complex  text. This means that students will be reading for a much deeper meaning.

Because students are taking a closer look at texts while reading, they will be better able to understand central ideas and uncover details and evidence that support these ideas.  Additionally, the close reading of complex text will enable students to think about the meaning of key words and phrases. Moreover, students will begin to understand how these ideas are formed and how they develop over the course of a text.

Finally, using the Collections textbook series, students will analyze numerous types of literature and informational text.  Examples of literature include: folktales, legends, myths, fables, short stories, poetry, and scenes from plays. Examples of informational text include: biographies, personal narratives, and primary-source materials, such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and the "Gettysburg Address." Furthermore, students will typically do a novel study during the fourth quarter of the year.