8th Grade Team
Mrs. Bozich - ELA/Writing
Mrs. DeBartolo-ELA/Reading
Mr. Bronson- Math
Mr. Peebles - Social Studies
Mrs. St. John-Science
Mr. Alexander- Learning Counselor
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8th Grade ELA
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Teacher's Education:

 Mrs. Kristen DeBartolo attended college at Florida Southern College. (Yes, all the way in the state of Florida!)  She had a triple major in education.  Mrs. DeBartolo also attended Elmhurst College in Illinois and graduated Summa cum Laude

     Mrs. DeBartolo has an English Concentration, Social Science Endorsement, and a Language Arts EndorsementWhile teaching at Heritage Middle School, Mrs. DeBartolo has been nominated for the Disney American Teacher Award (2001) and the Illinois Golden Apple Award (2004). 
Mrs. DeBartolo loves to read and is always interested in learning new and inventive ways to turn her students into avid readers.

After-School Activities:

After school, Mrs. DeBartolo coaches the Heritage Middle School Flag Corps.  It is a lot of fun!  The Flag Corps creates routines that are performed with the H.M.S. Marching Band and the H.M.S. Pom Squad.  Please ask about try-outs if interested! 

Mrs. DeBartolo and Mrs. Bozich also hold a Book Club after school. Do you enjoy treats, books, and conversation?  Please ask about joining!

Mrs. DeBartolo enjoys teaching and working with students.  She has even had the opportunity to work in classrooms in other countries



      Read each night!

      Take notes about each page!

      Take notes on the characters, setting, plot, conflict, resolution, and theme.

      Due Dates are closer than they appear! Post the due dates where you will see them and write the dates into agenda book, too!

      Get a public library card and visit the library! J


Learning Goals:

  1. To help students understand that reading and writing is important in every school subject and a necessary part of being college and career ready
  2. To engage students in writing practice everyday so students can write analytically and expressively
  3. To allow students to discover the power of words and genre
  4. To improve students’ study skills and reach their full learning potential


for at-home reading 

Mrs. DeBartolo & Mrs. Bozich


Students have due dates given in a planning chart format.


 1st Quarter

Summer Reading Test – September 11, 2017

Connect Four Short-Essay Assignment (in class) on October 12, 2017

Computer test on Connect Four Book is due on or before: October 20, 2017

 2nd Quarter

Connect Four Short-Essay Assignment (in class) on: November 17, 2017

Computer test on Connect Four book is due on or before: November 21, 2017

AR Book choice is due on or before:  December 20, 2017

 3rd Quarter

Connect Four Short-Essay Assignment (in class) on February 9, 2018

Computer test on Connect Four book is due on or before: February 14, 2018

AR Book choice is due on or before: March 15, 2018

4th Quarter

Connect Four Short-Essay Assignment (in class) on April 13, 2018

Computer test on Connect Four book is due on or before: April 19, 2018

AR Book choice is due on or before: May 10, 2018



 ¨      Connect Four Books are a list of middle school novels. Students must read one of these Connect Four books each quarter (please see Connect Four Book List given to students and included in parent handbook). Students must take notes while reading.

¨      The in-class short-essay assignment is a packet consisting of short-essay questions to check student comprehension.  This assignment is worth 100 points. 

¨      Students will take a multiple-choice computerized test over the Connect Four book. 

¨      Of course, parents/teachers have final approval of all book choices.

¨      Due dates may be subject to change – students/parents will be informed.

¨      A multiple-choice computerized test refers to an Accelerated Reader (AR) test.  The majority of the books in our school have AR tests on them.  Students are to check that there is an AR test available before checking out that book to read. 




The Port Chicago 50 by: Steve Sheinkin

Drowned City by: Don Brown

Claudette Colvin: Twice Towards Justice by: Phillip Hoose

Under the Royal Palms: A Childhood in Cuba by: Alma Flor Ada

Historical Fiction:

Lions of Little Rock by: Kristine Levine

The Boy Who Dared by: Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Fever 1793 by: Laurie Halse Anderson

A Diamond in the Desert by: Kathryn Fitzmaurice

Realistic Fiction:

Ninth Ward by: Jewell Parker Rhodes

One for the Murphys by: Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Red Kayak by: Priscilla Cummings

Ghost by: Jason Reynolds


Hour of the Bees by: Lindsay Eagar

A Tale Dark and Grimm by: Adam Gidwitz

False Prince by: Jennifer A. Nielsen

Found by: Margaret Peterson Haddix