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Kindergarten is learning about warm and cool colors on the color wheel!  We created these drawings of "Hot Dogs" using only warm colors (red, orange, yellow) and "Cool Cats" using only cool colors (blue, green, purple.)  Students followed along during a guided drawing and then individually selected only warm or cool colors to color in their cats and dogs. 

Kindergarten students have also been learning about artists.  For this project, students looked at the work of Piet Mondrian, a famous Dutch painter known for his use of primary colors.  Students learned to identify primary colors and then created spiderwebs and colored some of the spaces in the style of Mondrian.

Kindergarten is a time to learn about shapes.  In art class, students learned how to put shapes together to make pictures.  We looked at squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles to see what we could create like houses, cars, and buildings.  Then, students set to work creating city collages using shapes.  We practiced cutting and gluing.  The students and I always sing a song to remember the rule about gluing, "Just a dot - dot - dot, not a lot - lot - lot."  I think they turned out great!

1st Grade
First grade students read the book Where the Wild Things Are.  We looked at the pictures and discussed the job of an illustrator.  Then, we created our own wild things by drawing in pencil, tracing in permanent pen, and coloring with colored pencil.  Finally, we created a background jungle and used texture plates with crayon to color the sky and ground.

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