Ways to help your child succeed!

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How can you help your child succeed? 

1.      Please send a bookbag to school everyday. Please empty your child’s schoolbag everyday so that you can see important papers that may need your signature and papers that you need to return to school.

 2.  Check your student's red folder & behavior calendar EVERY night! This is our BEST way to communicate!! 

3.   Please check over your child’s returned school work and try correcting any mistakes with your child. Always offer praise, encouragement, and support to your child.

4.   Please label everything (especially clothes if you can!)

5.   Please spend 10-20 minutes a night on homework. Listed below are possible suggestions for homework activities:

            READ, READ, READ at least 20 minutes a day! 

Review word wall words and vocabulary flash cards frequently.

Read and re-read stapled stories that have been sent home.

Practice printing words and sentences using primary paper with guidelines. Remind your child to call the "COPS" on their writing... Capitals, Organized, Punctuation, Spelling

Provide extra practice working math problems & review in class activities

Quiz your child over addition and subtraction math facts or use our classroom XTRAmath.org site to practice!

Practice counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's.

Study assigned spelling words.

Make up sentences using the vocabulary, spelling, and word wall words.

Practice writing stories remembering to use two finger spaces between words.

Have your child circle words that they can read in newspapers, magazines, or on cereal boxes (environmental print)

Have your child practice their writing and spelling skills by writing in a journal 


    6. UTILIZE YOUR TEACHER! Please ask me for help or suggestions and resources to best help your student!