7th Grade Team
Ms. J. Brown - ELA/Reading
Ms. Phillips-ELA/Writing

Mrs. Saucier - Math
Mrs. Wiese - Social Studies
Mr. Gauna-Science
Mr. Dankert- Learning Counselor

Mrs. Wiese's Classroom Page
Phone Ext. 2236

Welcome to Seventh Grade Social Studies! In Social Studies, students will “travel” to different regions around the world, as well as learn about various topics relating to geography.  Some topics that will be covered, but are not limited to, are map-reading skills, the Five Themes of Geography, culture, landforms, various countries/regions, weather and climate, and current events.  The textbook, Geography:  the World and Its People, has been distributed to students, which they are expected to leave at home for the school year.  They will always have a copy of the book in Social Studies class.

RTI (9TH PERIOD) WEBSITE: www.typing.com


**Parents, please be sure to check your child's grade in Power School.  Thank you!

****CAMPING TRIP->OCT. 25-27!!! :)

10-16-17 (Monday)
-Answer bellwork, day 4.  Question is located on the clipboard at the Absentee Center.

-We continued notes on tectonic activity, landforms, and the atmosphere.  Make sure to copy notes from another student.
-We worked on the study guide, which is due this Friday.  The unit test is on the same day.  STUDY AND PREPARE IN ADVANCE!

10-17-17 (Tuesday)

-Answer bellwork, day 5.  Question is located on the clipboard at the Absentee Center.

-We completed notes for the unit titled "Earth's Water." Make sure to copy them.

-VOCABULARY IS DUE. (17 words from the Landforms section)

10-18-17 (Wednesday)

-Answer bellwork, day 6.

-We worked on an in-class activity "Looking at the Earth."


10-19-17 (Thursday)

-Answer bellwork, day 7.

-We reviewed for tomorrow's test.  STUDY EVERYTHING ON YOUR STUDY GUIDE!

10-20-17 (Friday)

-No bellwork.

-We took the unit test.  You will have to make this up during RTI.

-PICK UP an extra credit activity!

10-23-17 (Monday)

-Disability Awareness quick research and essay writing.  In-class activity.