6th Grade Team
Mrs. Fredbloom - ELA/Reading
Mrs. Lawrence - ELA/Writing
Ms. Ryan - Math
Mr. Sprudzs - Social Studies
Mrs. McCrorey-Science
Mrs. Wilson -Learning Counselor
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My name is Jenna Ryan and I am so happy to be starting my sixth year teaching by joining the 6th grade team at Heritage Middle School. I truly love teaching math and can not wait to begin instruction this year.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Math and a Middle School Endorsement from the University of Illinois-Chicago. I also recently graduated with my Masters in Educational Leadership from DePaul University. 

I love staying active and enjoy running and doing yoga. I am also a very big baseball fan (Go White Sox!) and have visited 20 Major League Baseball Stadiums. 

This Week In Math




During  class we have taken notes and answered questions from our Prime Time book on our notes pages. These pages should be behind the investigation tab of student binders. 
To get familiar with our new vocabulary terms students completed a vocabulary sheet in class on Friday, September 1st. Students who did not complete this assignment in class should finish it for homework and have in completed by September 5th. 

After setting up our Math Binders students were given their math textbook titled "Prime time" the first Math Activity students will be expected to finish and have in their binder is the textbook scavenger hunt. Students should use their textbook to answer the questions and then also give the page numbers they found the answers on. 

On Thursday, August 31st we will be setting up our Math Binders. Students will be expected to have their Math Binders set up this way for the rest of the school year. We will discuss the function and expectations for each section as we are putting our binders together. Please make sure you student has all the supplies the need. This will put them on the path to success for the rest of the school year!