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Mrs. Mastny's Classroom 
7th Grade Spanish
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Hello my name is Verónica Mastny and I am the 7th grade Spanish teacher at HMS.  This would be my second year hear at HMS. I was born and raised in México in a town called Guadalajara. I attended Bloom High School and Graduated from CSU with a B.A. in Spanish education.      I currently reside in Crete with my husband and two children.  I enjoy the outdoors. My family and I go camping about three times a year. My favorite part of camping is looking at the stars at night and sitting by the campfire. 

About this class

Exploratory Spanish: In this course students will be taught basic Spanish language and culture. The students will be introduced to the following during this course.

- Essential Grammar
- Vocabulary
- Basic Conversations
- The Culture and Geography of Spanish Speaking Countries

 Week 5                                                                                                  
  12/4-12/8                                 Week at a Glance
  Subject Pronouns/Verb estar
homework due 
Homework due
The weather /expressions using estar        
Places around town/ Donde esta...
Homework due 
11:30 dismissal

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