6th Grade Team
Mrs. Fredbloom - ELA/Reading
Mrs. Lawrence - ELA/Writing
Ms. Ryan - Math
Mr. Sprudzs - Social Studies
Mrs. McCrorey-Science
Mrs. Wilson -Learning Counselor

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Mrs. Lawrence's Classroom Page
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 Welcome to an exciting year in ELA! 

    Welcome to an exciting year in ELA/ELAW! As your child's ELAW teacher, I have the pleasure of cooperatively teaching with Mrs. Fredbloom in the same large classroom setting. Our curriculum is flexible; on some days, students will report to the teacher on their schedules. On other days, students are expected to report to their Session 1 or Session 2 teacher. This will lead to extended time to work more closely with literature and writing on a regular basis.

About ELAW:

main focus for ELAW this year learning the art of writing. This necessary skill involves multiple stages: brainstorming, pre-writing, writing, editing, and publishing. 
Throughout the year, students will be immersed in the writing process using journal prompts, free writing assignments, and center-based classwork. Each assignment will both build on prior concepts and introduce new ones. Development of ideas and proper English conventions will be the driving forces behind each assignment. By the end of this school year, my expectation is that every student will be able to produce a cohesive essay that contains a proper thesis with three points, substantive body paragraph(s) explaining each of those points, and a strong conclusion. 

    I am anticipating a great year for students in the sixth grade as they delve into wonderful literature and creative/informative writing assignments throughout the year. I truly look forward to watching your child grow and mature.

6th Grade ELA Class Details:
  • ELA is taught by Mrs. Lawrence and Mrs. Fredbloom. 
  • Our ELA (English Language Arts) classroom will focus on both "arts" of language: reading and writing. 
  • 6th Grade ELA students will receive a separate grade for ELA-W. (Writing and grammar activities)  
  • 6th Grade ELA students will receive a separate grade for ELA-R.(Reading and Accelerated Reader) 
  • I will manage ELA-W grades. Mrs. Fredbloom will manage ELA-R grades.
  • The total ELA-W grade is determined by class points earned on assignments, notes, tests/quizzes, and writing assignments. 

                                          In short.
    A = Reading   Language Arts     
                                   (English Language Arts) =  (ELA-R, reading/AR)  + (ELA-W, writing/grammar)  
  (Taught by Mrs. Lawrence and Mrs. Fredbloom)  (Graded by Mrs. Fredbloom)    (Graded by Mrs.Lawrence)

Sixth Grade ELA/ELAW Learning Objectives:

1.   Assist students in understanding the value of both reading and writing in every school subject and the roles both skills play in being college and career ready.

2.   Engage students in writing practice every day to improve students' ability to write analytically and expressively.

3.   Provide avenues for students to discover the power of words and genre.

4.   Improve students’ learning stamina to help reach their full learning potential both as individuals and as members of a group.

5.   Teach students to work cooperatively for the benefit of all.

About Me:

    It took me until my early 30's to figure out what I wanted to be "when I grew up". The first years of my status as a full-time, tax paying employee took me to many different places - Chicago brokerage firms, the United States Air Force, a Hobart catalytic converter manufacturing company, a Highland home healthcare equipment company, a Hammond hospital's education department, and a Calumet City school's special services department. It wasn't until the birth of my daughter, Dana, that I realized this might be my last opportunity to seek out an education in the one area I always loved - education. It was time for me to return to school. 
    While raising a toddler, I earned my BA in Secondary English from Governors State University. As my daughter started her first year of school, I started my first year, too. My first position was as the eighth grade Language Arts teacher at Heritage. After one year, I was asked to move to seventh grade upon the retirement of that grade level's Language Arts teacher. I worked for eleven years with the seventh grade team. In the spring of 2017 I received my MA in English from Governors State University. This year is my first year with the sixth grade team at Heritage. 
    The balancing act between full-time mom, full-time employee, and part-time student has never been easy, but all three endeavors were or continue to be true labors of love. I strive every day to be the best mom I can possibly be, to give 100% of my energy and care to students during the school day, and I continue to be proud of the 4.0 GPA I earned from the first class of my Bachelor's studies to the last class of my Master's studies.