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My name is Tiffany Hawkins and I am the 5th Grade interim Science teacher. I have worked within the district in several grade levels for 3 years. My philosophy; “the unity between teachers and parents will provide the students the ability to achieve excellence in their academics.” I will do my very best to prepare my students for their next grade level through reputation and creative interaction.  

About the Class:

In fifth grade, students explore life science, earth science, and physical science. Through hands-on investigations, they try out the kind of work that professional scientists do, helping them understand the foundations of science and inspire curiosity about the subject. Fifth-grade classes sometimes supplement classroom work by visiting science museums and observatories or taking trips to the ocean.

Science isn’t just a body of knowledge — it’s a way of acquiring scientific concepts and principles, and the best elementary school programs get students interested in investigating the world around them. As children learn facts and vocabulary, they develop the ability to ask scientific questions, plan experiments to answer these questions, and develop reasonable explanations based on their observations.

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Classwork 5%

Homework 10%

Project 15%

Quiz 15%

Lab 20%

Test 35%

I look forward to exploring the world of science and having a