6th Grade Team
Mrs. Fredbloom - ELA/Reading
Mrs. Lawrence - ELA/Writing
Ms. Ryan - Math
Mr. Sprudzs - Social Studies
Mrs. McCrorey-Science
Mrs. Wilson -Learning Counselor

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Mrs. Fredbloom's Classroom Page
6th Grade ELA (ELA-R)
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     Welcome to an exciting year in ELA ! 

How exactly will this ELA classroom work?
As one of your child's ELA teachers, I have the pleasure of cooperatively teaching with Mrs. Lawrence
in the same large classroom setting. Students are scheduled into our classroom for two periods per 
day. Our curriculum is flexible; on some days, students will report to the teacher as listed on their schedules. On other days, students are expected to report to their Session 1 or Session 2 teacher. This will lead to extended time to work more closely with literature and writing on a regular basis with the help and guidance of two teachers.
6th Grade ELA Class Details:
  • ELA is taught by Mrs. Lawrence and  Mrs. Fredbloom. 
  • Our ELA (English Language Arts) classroom will focus on both "arts" of language; reading and writing. 
  • 6th Grade ELA students will receive a separate grade for ELA-W. (Writing and grammar activities)  
  • 6th Grade ELA students will receive a separate grade for ELA-R.(Reading and Accelerated Reader) 
  • Please Note-ELA-R was/is mistakenly listed as "Language Arts" in PowerSchool and on student schedules. 
  • Mrs. Lawrence will manage ELA-W grades while Mrs. Fredbloom will manage ELA-R grades.
  • The total ELA-R grade is determined by class points earned on assignments, notes, tests/quizzes(75%) and Accelerated Reader results(25%). Click the link on the left for more about AR.
                                      In short..............ELA = Reading   Language Arts     
                                   (English Language Arts) (ELA-R, reading/AR)  + (ELA-W, writing/grammar)  
  (Taught by Mrs. Lawrence and Mrs. Fredbloom)  (Graded by Mrs. Fredbloom)    (Graded by Mrs.Lawrence)
About Me:
  • The 6th Grade Team Leader-contact me if you want to connect with the entire 6th grade team about a concern.  I can set up a conference call meeting or face-to-face meeting .
  • A graduate of Sunnybrook School District #171 and Thornton Fractional South High School.  
  • Earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Illinois in education.
  • Earned a Masters degree from National Louis University.
  • In my 34th year of teaching. (24 years at Heritage Middle School)
  • A life long resident of Lansing, Illlinois.  I love my home, community and neighbors!  
  • You and your child's progress matter a great deal to me. I believe "It takes a Village" and my students are a part of my "village."  Their success, is our success! Student, parent, school, let's work together

Sixth Grade ELA-R/ELA-W Learning Objectives:

1.   Assist students in understanding the value of both reading and writing in every school subject and the roles both skills play in being college and career ready.

2.   Engage students in writing practice every day to improve students' ability to write analytically and expressively.

3.   Provide avenues for students to discover the power of words and genre.

4.   Improve students’ learning stamina to help reach their full learning potential both as individuals and as members of a group.

5.   Teach students to work cooperatively for the benefit of all.