8th Grade Team
Mrs. Bozich - ELA/Writing
Mrs. DeBartolo-ELA/Reading
Mr. Bronson- Math
Mr. Peebles - Social Studies
Mrs. St. John-Science
Mr. Alexander- Learning Counselor
Mr. Alexander's Classroom Page
Phone Ext. 2226

English Class:  

We will be working on a variety of English skills.  We will work on reading accuracy, reading comprehension, writing skills, speaking skills, and listening comprehension.  We are reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  We use articles from Newsela.com on a regular basis.  We do a lot of creative, argument, and report writing.  Students frequently present their work to the class.  We spend time discussing important issues and other topics.

Study Skills Class:  

For those students who are enrolled in my Study Skills class, we will learn about note taking, highlighting, organizing material, memorization, relaxation, time management, strategic test taking, writing papers, presentations, group work, technology issues, finding a good environment for studying, etc.