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The objective of 6th grade social studies is to learn about world history, world cultures, and current events. 

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Chapter 8 Homework Assignments

Chapter 8 Lesson 4 "The Beginning of Christianity"

1. write a definition for the 11 vocabulary words.

2. IQIA questions
A.Who was the most powerful Roman God?
B.What did Jesus teach as he traveled throughout Judaea?
C.Why did Roman leaders become concerned with Jesus?
D.Why did the Romans persecute Christians?
E.Which city became the headquarters of the Christian church?

3.critical thinking question:Why is religious freedom important in our country?

Chapter 8 Lesson 2 "The Roman Empire"

1. write a definition for the 8 vocabulary words.

2. IQIA questions
A.Ancient Rome existed on which continents? (use map on page 362)?
B.What did the "Pax Romana" mean to the Roman people?
C.What did Augustus build to make Rome "grand"?
D.Where did Rome look to for cultural ideas?
E.Which language unified the Roman Empire?

3.critical thinking question:What unifies our Country? BE SPECIFIC

Chapter 8 Lesson 1 "The Roman Republic"

1. write a definition for the 9 vocabulary words.

2. IQIA questions
A.Where is the Italian peninsula located?
B.Why did ancient people move to Rome?
C.What is the difference between a monarchy and a republic?
D.Why did wars erupt between Rome and Carthage?
E.Why was Julius Caesar considered a strong leader?

3.critical thinking question:Do you prefer a monarchy or a republic? Why

                             Chapter 7 Homework Assignments

Chapter 7 Lesson 3 "Golden Age of Athens"

1. write a definition for the 4 vocabulary words.

2. IQIA questions
A.Which Olympic running event came from the Persian War?
B.What occurred in Greece after the Persian War?
C.How did architects and builders make Athens beautiful?
D.How did Socrates bring greatness back to Athens?
E.What type of person did Plato think a ruler should be?

3.critical thinking question:How do you think a persons way of life changes during war?

Chapter 7 Lesson 2 "City States and Greek Culture" 

1. write a definition for the 12 vocabulary words.

2. IQIA questions
A.What did Greek city-states compete for?
B.What were citizens of Sparta known for?
C.How did Athens differ from Sparta?
D.What was Athens known for?
E.What is one example of Greek cultural identity?

3.critical thinking question:What might cause people to develop very different ways of life?

Chapter 7 Lesson 1 "Early People of Greece" 

1. write a definition for the 3 vocabulary words.

2. IQIA questions
A.Where is Greece located?
B.Where did the Minoans establish their civilization?
C.How was the wealth of Mycenaeans measured?
D.Which epic tells about a great war?
E.Which epic describes the adventure of Odysseus?

3.critical thinking question:What is one example of cultural borrowing in our society?