FOIA & Open Meetings Act

    Please contact Dr. Hughes George for FOIA and Open Meeting Request(s).
    Phone: 708.895.0750
    Mail: 19266 Burnham Ave.
    Lansing, IL 60438

        Available FOIA Information
          Student Directory Information
            • Name
            • Gender
            • Grade
            Classroom Information
            • Enrollment by Grade Level
            • Enrollment by Gender
            • Attendance Levels
            • Student Discipline
            • Student Academic Achievement
                                • RFPs
                                • Money allocated to Each Grant
                                    Student Status by groups
                                      • Lunch Status
                                      • Number of IEPs
                                      • Number of LEPs
                                      • Number of Homeless Students
                                      • Number of students that were diagnosed with Communicable Diseases.
                                      • Number of students with vision and hearing deficiencies.