District 171's Flip or Flop 2017
The School Board and Foundation awarded four classrooms the honor of being the 1st classrooms to receive the annual Flip or Flop awards.  The goal of the contest was for the beautification of classrooms to the make the learning envelopment more enjoyable and stimulating for students.  1st place went to Mrs. Specht, 2nd place was Mrs. Blount, and there was a tie for 3rd between Mrs. Rosinia and Ms. Phillips.

Board member Cozette Pettigrew - "Leading and Learning."
Cozette Pettigrew is congratulated by fellow board members Kenisha LeSure (left) and Jada Curry (right) on Cozette receiving the Level I and II award by the Illinois Association of School Board's at it's South Cook Division Dinner meeting held on November 1, 2017 at the Camelot Banquets facility in Hickory Hills, Illinois. Board members were also joined by Dr. Hughes B. George, Superintendent (not pictured)

Cancer Awareness Project at HMS!
Our theme is
, ‘TIME To Think PINK!’ The Athletic Department initiated the charge to expose students to real life issues larger than ourselves. Students need to know how they can make a difference in their community as well as how to be socially responsible. Students will be involved throughout the school year.  Our goal is to raise $500.00 to donate to a local affiliate of the Cancer Society of America. The First PINK OUT  was fabulous and so well supported that students and parents will have the opportunity to purchase the PINK on PINK shirt during upcoming Parent - Teacher Conferences.
Order your Heritage Cancer Awareness Shirt. Print the order form here. or Click on RevTrak above and pay by credit card.            

Fresh Films Stopped by Heritage
On October 13th Fresh Films stopped by Heritage Middle School to present a check for a grant that was written by the district Technology Director and also to conduct an assembly for many of our students.  The students had the opportunity to see part of a film that was created by teens and then learn and experience how movies are created.  11 of the schools 7th graders were able to take on the roles of a film crew and actors to recreate a few scenes from the movie they saw.  This was a way for the school to kick of its STEM initiative that will be underway this school year. (More Photos)

College and Career Week
Nathan Hale recently celebrated College and Career Week from Sept 25-29. In honor of this week, which promoted current and future success, students wore college gear, professional attire as they would for an interview, dressed like the profession they hope to have one day, etc. Professionals from the community also volunteered their time to speak to 3rd graders regarding various careers they may pursue. Guest speakers included Lansing's Mayor, Patty Eidam,  Country Club Hills Deputy Fire Chief Bob Kopec and Firefighter/Paramedic Sam Wilson, Ridge Animal Clinic Veterinarian, Dr. Katsalis, Lansing Police Department's Lt. Bailey, and Lee Technology Training Business Analyst, Nicki Kastellorizios. (More Photos)

Board members and superintendent interacting and learning with Clint Smith at the 50th Annual CUBE Conference.

Upcoming 7th Grade Outdoor Education Field Trip
7th grade students are invited to attend the annual Outdoor Education field trip to East Troy, WI October 25-27. The purpose of the Outdoor Education Camping Trip is to provide a learning experience in outdoor education in an environment conducive to this type of learning. On the trip students will participate in outdoor activities such as animal acclimatization, orienteering, and outdoor adventure hikes. Team building and group decision-making activities are also an important part of the activities. Some are activities include a group initiative course, camp social, night hike, scavenger hunt, and camp Olympics. The program is enhanced with arts and crafts activities designed to engage students in kinesthetic learning. Check out the presentation from the camp here.

Million Fathers March
We want to thank all our fathers and male father figures who joined us at Nathan Hale for the annual Million Fathers March to kick off the school year. It is so important to show your involvement in your students' lives from day one and throughout the whole year.

Sunnybrook on the National Stage
Sunnybrook's own Mike McGowan, Director of Technology, represented the District at the National ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference in San Antonio this year.  Mr. McGowan had the opportunity to lead several presentations on topics such as Social Media use to Tell a District's story, the importance of hands on learning in the classroom, STEM initiatives, and the #1 movement in education right now, Girls in Coding.  "It was a great honor to be asked to lead these sessions and be a part of a conference that brings together over 21,000 educators from around the world together to talk about the importance of technology in education" says Mr. McGowan about his experience at the ISTE conference.

Maximize student achievement by cultivating: critical thinking skills, innovative instructional practices and a collaborative school, home, and community partnership

We believe student achievement is maximized when:

1. The self-worth of each child is nurtured within a diverse and inclusive environment 
2. Students are engaged in a rigorous, culturally relevant and innovative learning experience
3. Educators apply result-driven instructional practices
4. Teachers and staff are engaged in continuous professional development
5. Parents, students, staff and community collaborate